Please can you help us raise our £5,000 target to help people with learning disabilities to be able to be fully included in the all elements of the community theatre productions at Hanger Farm Arts Centre.

The Arts Centre is run by Minstead Trust and provides training and work experience for people with learning disabilities in its café. We also run a community theatre company where people can make friends and become more confident through the performing arts.

A key part of any theatre production is the technical team, which supports productions. With your help we want to offer people with learning disabilities the opportunity to be part of the technical team for community theatre productions. 

Jonathon is really keen to get involved in the lighting and sound of productions, helping to create the atmosphere needed that is unique to each production. This is simply not a possibility with the current technical equipment. It is up a very steep set of ladder steps that are only accessible to people who are physically very able. 


We’re raising money to purchase a portable tech desk that will mean anyone, of any physical ability can learn to use it and gain skills in lighting and sound, and not be excluded from this part of the production.

The portability of this equipment means that it will be accessible on a level with the main auditorium, it will also enable us to offer wider training programmes in technical aspects of theatre production to the people we support.

Jonathon's father Martin said: 'Jonathon has always enjoyed drama  and it was hoped that joining the drama group at Hanger Farm would help him to become more confident, which it has. He has also taken a great interest in behind the scenes in a theatre wanting to get involved with such things as lighting, props and special effects and is a frequent visitor to the backstage tours at the Mayflower Theatre.

‘It would be very good for his self-esteem, which has taken a knock over past few years, if Minstead Trust can raise enough money to develop the technical aspects of drama production as Jonathon is gaining the confidence to suggest ideas relating to the production he is involved with.’

Help us raise our £5,000 target to help Jonathon, and people like him to be able to be fully included in the all elements of the community theatre productions at Hanger Farm Arts Centre.