A beautiful and enchanting garden to enjoy, Furzey Gardens is a social enterprise of Minstead Trust.  Through sponsoring a tree at Furzey Gardens, you will be helping to keep the gardens beautiful throughout the seasons for now and for future generations to enjoy. 

A donation of £50 will help to nurture a tree that is already established in the gardens and support the overall and continued programme of tree planting, whilst also supporting the overall work of Minstead Trust.

If you would like to sponsor a particular tree at the Gardens, and have a small tag on the tree for one year, as a record of your sponsorship, please get in touch with us at Minstead Trust or you can talk to Pete White, head gardener on your next visit to the gardens.  We suggest a donation of £100 to have a small tag on the tree of your choice for one year.

When you donate online, you can leave a message with your donation. 

Please find the list of some of the trees at Furzey that you may like to sponsor here. Next time you visit Furzey Gardens, take a look at the map which shows the location of some of the trees in the Gardens.

Thank you!