Team Minstead is taking on the challenge of Running a Marathon !  

Our relay team, made up of students and staff will each be running a leg to make up the 26 miles, around the Broadlands Estate in Romsey on 12th May.

We're really pleased that our team is representing 3 of our services - New Forest Day Opportunities, Residential & Supported Living, with staff and students from each area, raising money for vital tools and equipment.

Last year, students Teddy and Jacob took part, and this year Sean and Jason will be joining the team.  There are also a few new staff faces in the team too, Madeleine, Ruth and Melissa.  This is why Madeleine wanted to join the team -

the euphoria from the team who took part last year was infectious, the fact that we're a team of staff, volunteers and, really importantly the people we support, I wanted to be part of that.  I think it sums up what Minstead Trust is about – a community of people coming together for the greater good"

and Jacob said

I'm looking forward to the run, I need to start some training though

Please support the team, they'd really appreciate your donation.

The team are raising money for really important equipment to be used at Minstead Lodge by the students as part of their work skills training, as well as ensuring the gardens and grounds look good for those students whose home is Minstead Lodge. It's important to keep the grounds looking great for visitors too, who support the Lodge by hiring its conference facilities. 

With your help we could purchase a new mower, wheelbarrows and leaf blower.     

 student with Learning Disabilities maintaining Lodge grounds

Please donate what you can to spur the team on on May 12th !