Communication can be a real challenge for people with learning disabilities, leading to frustration, a sense of isolation and a feeling of lack of control in their lives. Our staff are trained to use lots of different ways to communicate; sign language or visual aids for example, but often this can take a lot of time, and is not always as effective as we’d like because of an individual’s difficulties, and limitations in the methods themselves. Technology could really help makes things better and easier for those we support.

So far, with donations from our generous supporters we have already hit our first target to provide two iPads. We've increased our target to £5000, so that we can extend the help technology brings to more of the people we support. Every £650 could for example, buy another ipad and case. When we reach and exceed £5000, donations received will support our desire to set up a Technology Library. Where the people we support can access and try out different types of assistive technology to help them in their everyday lives. 

Communicate more effectively at the touch of a button

If you are wondering how an iPad can help someone with a Learning Disability, pictured left is Laura. An iPad could help Laura and make a real difference to her if she had access to one with software such as ACCORN Plus. At the touch of a button it would help her to communicate more effectively. 

For instance, when Laura wants to talk about how her day has been, how she is feeling or express any pain she might be experiencing, this technology could help her do that. It can also be used to plan her activities and explain the sort of appointments she has coming up for the week.

Another software application that could be used with an iPad is called Brain in Hand. It is designed for people with limited communication skills and / or autism who suffer with anxiety. It is tailored around the individual and their routines, so that they can express themselves when they feel anxious or when situations may be getting difficult for them. 

Being able to have a conversation is such a simple thing, yet it can be so challenging for people with Learning Disabilities. This year we are raising money to support people through assistive technology. If we reach our new target of £5000 this could purchase ten iPads as communication aids, or provide other technology support to help improve the lives of those people we support.

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