We held a wonderful drama showcase at Hanger Farm Arts Centre on Wednesday 17 July. The audience, made up of friends, family and support workers, enjoyed short scenes from Alice in Wonderland. The performance was by our inclusive drama group who have been meeting and learning their roles over the last few months. 

Some of the group were interviewed before the show here is what they said:


Character: Playing Card

"I'm happy and excited, I like performing in front of big audiences. I am a little bit nervous, not too much. I will be when I walk out on the stage."

David J

Character: March Hare

"I like acting and doing my lines. I am looking forward to the show."


Character: White Rabbit

"I'm nervous a little bit. I learnt my lines last week on Wednesday. I don't think about the audience - I only think of myself."

Drama helps the people we support to develop their communication and interact with others.

Here are some photos of the performance - we hope you enjoy them!

Alice in Wonderland