On Tuesday 2nd August the Southern Co-operative Florists visited Minstead Trust’s Portsmouth Service at Warren Avenue to work with a group of service users. 10 students rose to the occasion to create their own blooming marvellous flower basket!

Sarah and Becky from Southern Co-operative came well prepared with all the equipment needed for the group and explained a bit about where they work and who they create flower baskets for.

After a short introduction, the group got down to business. Sarah explained what each flower was and what each one’s individual fragrance was.

Sarah showed the group what they needed to do, and the work began. The guys got stuck in and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves while the ladies offered a helping hand when needed.

While they were assembling their baskets, the group discussed who they were going to give their flower baskets to.

Danni said, “I’m going to give mine to my Nan.”

“I’m going to give my basket to my carer, Sandy” said Janice.

At the end of the session it was smiles all round. Everyone was extremely proud of what they had made and couldn’t wait to take them home to show them off!


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