Graham Waters is one of our Trustees at Minstead Trust, you can see him up at Furzey Gardens most Fridays. This year, Graham has decided to go the extra mile for Minstead Trust and is taking part in the "Walk the Test Way" event on 8th October. We caught up with him to find out how his training is going.

"I'm confident I can walk the full distance but the time constraints will make it hard for me. I cannot run because of a back injury, so I will need to keep a steady 3 mph for 8 hours. Quite a challenge.

I like to walk on my own in the New Forest because it is quiet. I tend to walk on my own as my friends don’t want to walk as far, or as fast. This is perfect training for the walk in October. Often I meet cyclists, other walkers, runners, cows, donkeys, ponies and deer.

I walk in all weather conditions, because I don’t know what will happen on the day of the walk. Walking in rain people tend to overheat. However, the weather in June was very hot and not all people in the Forest drink enough. Unfortunately, I watched a person being air lifted because they had over heated.

The training is going well and I have already lost nearly ½ stone since I started this training - another bonus!

I have several routes I like to walk, my short walk route is Houndsdown School to Deerleap enclosure then to Ashurst and back to Houndsdown School. My longest walk is from Houndsdown School to Deerleap enclosure then to Matley Wood, Lyndhurst, Ashurst and back to Houndsdown School.

Other training includes gym work which I do to keep my back supple (old injury). I have added some exercises to strengthening my leg tendons. I also do a bit of cycling and swimming.

This is the link to a training programme that I have decided to follow,

There's still time to join me, just sign up. Or sponsor me:

It's all in a great cause.