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We are delighted that our Money Matters project has been shortlisted by NatWest Skills and Opportunities Fund. 

If successful, we will be offering everyone we support the opportunity to improve their money skills.

Money makes the world go round…… and if you don’t understand money then you have a major hurdle to living an independent and fulfilled life. Managing money is essential in taking control of your own life.

We talked to a small group of people we support to think about how independent they are when it comes to money. There were many difficulties to overcome:

R cannot work out what coins or notes to pay with, or the correct change when paying for items.

L cannot make her money last as she cannot budget well.

A doesn’t understand what he can afford, when deciding what to buy.

S has been financially abused as he doesn’t understand the value of money.

J spends his money today without thinking about what he needs for tomorrow.

M cannot prioritise his money and has got into debt.

They are all keen to learn some of the basics, such as:

  • Recognise coins and notes and their respective values and understand what each can buy;
  • Understand basic personal/household budgeting: i.e. understanding their income and outgoings and identifying what they can afford;
  • Paying Bills: including how to understand bills, the different ways to pay and how to do so;
  • Saving: including accessing savings accounts and keeping track of income;
  • Accessing Bank Accounts and using cash machines;
  • Understanding Bank Statements.

With your help we can run courses which will provide this training.

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People who have learning disabilities are at particular risk of having poor financial management skills. Most of them have been in a position where their family or carers take care of all of their finances, so they have not been exposed to – or had the opportunity to see – how financial management works. This lack of understanding and over-reliance on others continues into later life unless focused and supportive training is put in place. That’s the change we want to make at Minstead Trust.

The impact of the course will be measured using Minstead Trust’s own Outcomes Framework which assesses levels of independence in the following areas: 'I can recognise coins and notes'; 'I can understand the value of money'; 'I can budget'; 'I know the tasks involved in all aspects of money management'. Each participant will be individually evaluated against these criteria to determine their aptitude as a result of the course and identify additional support required as appropriate.

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