Hazel Wheeler, Furzey Gardens Nursery Instructor sends in her news

September is still a busy month in the nursery and it’s a perfect time for dividing plants and repotting them to make more. We have many willing students who love potting the plants and this includes Jonny, Thomas, Rory, Peter and Jessica to name a few.

Also in September we have had some really bad storms and unfortunately our poly tunnels and green houses have got flooded and the floor covered in slimy mud about 10mm deep. We found this on a Friday morning so all the nursery team divided into three groups to tackle the problem. We spent all morning shovelling up mud from the floors of the tunnels and washing them down to make them safe. It was hard work but we all had a great day and the clean-up team were brilliant and included Thomas, Roddy, Rory, Scott, Jason, Robert, Jonny,and Peter. Well done everyone!

As it’s still warm in September we are still cutting the grass in the nursery and weeding. We are also taking cuttings and sowing seed to increase our plant stock for next year. Watering the plants is important and we make sure all the plants are watered in the poly tunnels and outside. Students enjoy the watering although our hosepipes can sometimes be a bit leaky and we have had many a wet trouser leg at the end of the afternoon.

Other jobs we are doing in the nursery in October are compost mixing for potting up the plants. Preparing and pricing up plants to sell in the retail area at Furzey Gallery and continuing with our maintenance program by clearing the paths ready for applying more gravel to them.

As the night time temperatures are getting colder we will soon be moving the more tender plants to the polytunnnels to protect them from the winter cold and then grow them on to sell next year.