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What did you do last week ? Did you go to work, or meet friends ? Did you go shopping or go to the Bank ?

Imagine however if you were worried about leaving the house, for fear of being bullied? Or if you had no place of work to be, or had no friends to meet?  Or the letter from the Bank was worrying you, but you really did not know what to do with it.

So you stayed in,

On your own

Every day of the week

Isolated from Society

 Person feeling isolated

If you have a Learning Disability, this could be your life.  If you have no support networks, such as family or friends or funded support to access the sort of life that many of us take for granted, you could be cut off and isolated from  Society. 

Minstead Trust wants to stop this. We have provided two affordable weekly Friendship and Advice groups, run by a trained care professional. We want to provide two new locations to reach out to more people with Learning Disabilities in Hampshire and we need funding to do this and to keep all sessions running. 

During The Big Give Christmas Challenge, Minstead Trust needs to raise £6000.

Hythe Drop-In Community Group for learning disabilities            Hythe Drop-In at St John

My funding has been cut, but I can come here and meet people”

 The sessions we have run have helped people make friends, “We catch the bus together home now says one of the regular attendees. 

I like coming along each week, it gets me out of the house. If I didn’t come here I would just be at home on my own watching TV”. says another attendee

 “We provide a trained professional, to help with advice on everyday issues, or issues that are causing distress.  For instance we’ve helped someone deal with unwelcome callers to their home says Jeanette, Senior Support worker for Minstead Trust. 

Our aim is to provide a welcoming group for people with Learning Disabilities to come along to; to feel welcome, to talk about things that may be bothering them and to help them work through solutions.  It is really great to see new friendships being formed” says Wendy, Head of Supported Living for Minstead Trust.

We structure the sessions so participants learn about keeping healthy, maybe do some cooking or get help with communication skills as well as have a chance to chat, get advice and make friends.

Please support us on 28th November from midday for the BIG GIVE CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE