Help buy essential gardening equipment for people with learning disabilities to use in the gardens at Furzey, as part of their health and well-being programmes in the outdoors and to support their training in horticulture.

Throughout the year, even during the lockdowns, Furzey Gardens has continued to provide a place for people with learning disabilities to work in the gardens. Not only has this helped maintain the gardens and prepare the new and emerging plants in the plant nursery, it also provides a place for people to remain active and support their well-being. However, the tools and equipment are getting old and we need to replace them.

Minstead Trust is raising funds to purchase wheelbarrows, hoses, a lawnmower and plant labelling equipment so that everyone has access to the right tools.  For example the mower is expected to cost £500, two hoses £100 and wheelbarrows are £70 each. (we always need good sturdy wheelbarrows every year as they get a lot of use!).  In the nursery where the plants are grown and nurtured and sold to the public, we are in need of plant labelling equipment, a handheld labeller is £60.

Can you help us secure the equipment needed by the people we support?

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