Beach Boyz Tribute Band

When: 15 Jul 2022

Now in the sixth year of touring, Tommy, Andy, Terry, Cliff and Graham, The Beach Boyz Tribute Band continues to enhance their reputation. With an established fan base across the UK, sell out or near sell out events are fast becoming a growing trend, so, while the ‘boys’ are in town it would be wise to book your tickets early.

The 2021 show is as exciting and engaging as any new BBTB production. It has always been the mantra of Beach Boyz Tribute Band, from the outset, to make each subsequent show, more spectacular, more eye – catching, than the last. Delivered with the same 5 star, lush, vocal harmony productions, this new 2020 show is an event that will not only meet but exceed expectations and fulfil the anticipation of the loyal following that Beach Boyz Tribute Band have attracted over their touring years.

So be prepared for an unforgettable 20-20 vision of fun and excitement, a night of harmony and melody to embrace those golden days where surf met rock and roll and were married in the ceremony of the century; delivering a thrill, with which only a surfboard ride in high season California can compare!

Ladies and gentlemen –  The Beach Boyz Tribute Band.


15th Jul 2022, 19:30 pm

Ticket Prices:

£18: £18.00

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