Gary Moore Blues Experience

When: 29 Jan 2022

During a career which spanned the early 1970s (his first solo album, Grinding Stone, a hard rock recording, was released in 1973) up to his death in 2011, Gary Moore covered a very diverse range of music, including jazz-fusion with Colosseum II, rock with Thin Lizzy in which he pioneered the Celtic rock sound, heavy rock and metal as a solo artist, and latterly in the 1990s and 2000s, blues, which in retrospect formed the bulk of his output and was clearly his first love.

He was a restless spirit and tried everything. He was heavily influenced by the British blues boom in the mid to late 1960s. He adopted the guitar sound made famous by Eric Clapton in his time with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers; he was the only guitarist who developed that sound and made it his own distinctive signature: a Gibson Les Paul guitar played through a Marshall amplifier cranked up with a fair degree of distortion; loud, yes, but that brought a fresh aspect to the blues which was, up until his coming, a more laid-back affair.

During his lifetime, he was regarded as one of the best rock and blues guitarists ever to come out of the British isles, not just for his technical ability, but also for his invention and tightly focused discipline. That assessment has not changed since his death. In fact, it has been enhanced and it can now be seen what an original talent he was.

He was less well known for writing original music, but he wrote some numbers, especially ballads, that have become classics, the best known of which include Parisienne Walkways, Still Got the Blues for You, Midnight Blues, King of the Blues and Still in Love with You (which became a staple of Thin Lizzy’s repertoire). He also covered a wide range of blues standards, both ancient and modern (Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, Elmore James, John Mayall).

The Gary Moore Blues Experience is a new venture by three experienced musicians:

Phin Hall,keyboards & vocals, is a multi-instrumentalist, mainly a keyboardist and guitarist. He also owns and runs a top recording studio, Hall Music Studio UK, and as a sound engineer is a regular contributor to the sound of countless bands on keys, with sophisticated electronics, including Hammond organ, electric piano, synthesizer, and guitar.

Dave Sweetenham, bass & vocals, is a regular session player for well-known, signed professional musicians. He also writes original jazz-fusion music and contributes to writing film scores, part of which involves his appearing at the Cannes Film Festival. He also plays sessions for one of the singers in Britain’s Got Talent.

Sean Quinn, drums & vocals, a multi-faceted music teacher who teaches a variety of instruments, including guitar, drums and bass. As a teacher, he has a particular talent for imparting his deep understanding and passion for all kinds of music. His influences go back to the punk era.

Mark Hobbs, guitar & vocals, began where Gary Moore did: the early Eric Clapton Bluesbreakers sound, playing in a variety of classic rock bands, and has a desire to encapsulate ‘that sound’ referred to above.

Our aim is to provide a fitting tribute to Gary Moore and give a flavour of what made him such an incomparable artist.


29th Jan 2022, 19:30 pm

Ticket Prices:

Full: £10.00

Concession: £8.00

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