Janet attends Minstead Trust’s Portsmouth Day Opportunities several times each week.

Like all the people who attend our day opportunities, Janet is working towards specific goals that help her live a more independent and fulfilled life. Her key outcome is ‘living a healthier life’ and since returning from lockdown she has joined chair-based movers and an exercise class to improve her health.

The movers session has replaced her swimming, which she isn’t currently able to do. She is improving her mobility and strength and becoming more confident and stronger in doing the exercises.

Janet also has a covid outcome of ‘I’m staying safe’ and she is doing well with understanding the guidelines, wearing her mask, and observing the bubbles within the service.

Janet is shortly moving to a residential service, and has requested to do more days at Minstead as she enjoys it so much. She is a big Portsmouth FC fan and likes to talk to her friends about football.

Here is Janet’s year in her own words:

‘I found lockdown really stressful, couldn’t get out and about as I can’t walk far with my disability.

‘I really missed going to Minstead.

‘I was over the moon when I could come back!

‘I come here because I enjoy it and I meet a lot of people – new people.

‘I’m outgoing and I like doing arts and crafts, a bit of sewing now and again when I can with my arthritis.

‘It makes me feel happy to come here – really happy!

‘I’m happy because I come in and sit down and have a cup of tea, have a chat, listen to music.

‘Coming to Minstead makes me feel happier and healthier.’

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