‘I’ve found it very challenging with the coronavirus.

‘I felt sad during lockdown initially. I couldn’t go out for lunch at the weekend, I couldn’t see my friends and family, I was sad not to have Easter with my family at home. I’ve been feeling anxious and sad about it all.

‘I have found my time at Furzey therapeutic. I like potting, pricking out and collecting and sowing the seeds. I have found it hard to adjust to the change in my routine though.

‘The first time I came down to Furzey in lockdown I was a bit worried because of the change. I spoke to the staff and they helped me stay calm and get used to the change.

‘I am feeling happier now as the staff have helped me get used to the change.

‘I am a bit worried about Christmas as I usually go up north with family members, but I think I have to have Christmas apart from them this year.’

This story is part of Minstead Trust’s autumn 2020 focus on the health and wellbeing of the people it supports. Find out more about Happy, Healthy People here.

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