Martha: caring through COVID

Martha is one of Minstead Trust’s support workers in supported living, helping people to live more independently in their own homes. As restrictions lift and we look towards the future, Martha looks back on lockdown and the challenges and opportunities it presented.

‘The changes in restrictions have been challenging in some ways, particularly as the changes announced by the government for the general public differ to the care guidance that we have to follow. The people we support (and their families) can struggle to understand this and we have had to explain to them and reassure them as to why our guidance is different. Our aim through the crisis was to keep them safe, happy and healthy, but we have to do this in accordance with the guidance and restrictions placed on us by the care authorities and local councils.

‘At the properties I work at, the people we support have been amazing throughout the whole situation and have adapted so well with support from our staff teams. We have slowly been doing more over the last couple months and they have done well to adapt to the new rules and situations. Going back to Day Opportunities with their usual days over the last few weeks has been such a great change for them and they are all so pleased. We’re also back doing their 1:1 support and they are shopping and cooking for themselves again – which is good for their independence, but they did enjoy having their own personal chefs and waitresses during the worst of the crisis (which was us, their support staff)!

‘A big challenge has been how they can see and interact with their families, but they have adjusted to this well and have been understanding of the situation. I am so proud of how well they have handled everything as it’s been a very difficult time, but they have listened to us and taken our advice and support regarding what is the safest practice.

‘The pandemic has been challenging for the whole world in many different ways, particularly economically and it has (and continues to) negative impact people’s personal finances along with our country’s finances, which makes the donations we’ve received even more amazing. I am so pleased how supportive the community that surround Minstead Trust (along with the families of the people we support) have been. When doing our 2.6 challenge, the tenants at Rushington were so excited every time we updated them on the amount they’d raised, and were so proud of themselves! Thank you to everyone who helped raise money for us.’

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