Tiger is supported by Minstead Trust to live in her own home.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic she loved spending time at one of the Trust’s community groups, learning new skills and catching up with friends.

Here she tells us about her last 18 months and her hopes that her community group can return.

‘I used to really enjoy going to a community group on a Friday afternoon before Covid arrived. We used to learn to cook hot meals like lasagne as well as treats like cakes and pancakes. I learnt skills that I could then use to cook more at home.

‘When lockdown came I got bored and was confused about what was going on. The situation made me feel really stressed – I couldn’t go out shopping, to my group or to my job at a charity shop.

‘I am so happy to be back to getting out and about. I like variety in my week – it gives me something to look forward to.

‘Even though lots of things are back to normal I’m still missing the community group.

‘I sometimes bump into my friends from the group when I am shopping but it isn’t the same. I miss catching up properly, having a chat and of course a cup of tea and piece of cake! I don’t see them properly now and I miss that – I would love to get back to it.’

If you would like to help people like Tiger to rebuild their confidence to get out of the house and into their community with friends please donate to the Big Give campaign from 30 November to 7 December 2021. Your donation is instantly doubled during this window – meaning you can have double the impact for people with learning disabilities. 

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