Fairytale lands ready to be explored

The Fairy King and Queen of Furzey have lived for many happy years in the gardens.

The little houses of their kingdom were home to happy fairies, who enjoy peaceful and quiet lives – with just the occasional little human visitor!

Until one day, the evil Jack Frost crept into their fairy palace late at night and stole their magical gems.

He has hidden them across 15 fairytale lands all around the garden.

Without the gems the fairy kingdom will soon be lost forever. The Fairy King and Queen need you to find all the fairytale lands and the gem hidden in each of them to save their kingdom.

Good luck!

Woodwork Wizards

All the boards and letters have been made by talented woodworkers with learning disabilities.
Some have also been decorated by artists supported by Minstead Trust.

By supporting this trail you are helping people with learning disabilities and/or autism to continue developing their skills.

You are ensuring they continue to benefit from time maintaining the gardens or producing stunning creations for sale in the tea rooms.

Woodworking Wizards creating the boards

Accessibility Tools