Vicky started coming to Minstead in 2018. Since joining she has been taking part in the hospitality training and work experience programme at Minstead Lodge Conference venue.

Here's what Vicky has learnt to do since coming to Minstead Trust. 

"In the main hall I have been learning how to do some waitressing and getting into a routine

I lay up tables in the Long Hall with cutlery, plates etc. ready for any conferences and I understand and follow instructions and that I need to be on time for work.

I hope that I will eventually get employment with the skills I am learning about. 

In the kitchen I have learnt how to put the plates etc into the dishwasher and when the cycle has finished put the plates etc away. 

I learnt how to clean properly i.e. hoover, dust, polish and wash the floors. I am learning the basic skills of my work place."