As we approach the height of summer, we embrace a change of pace and welcome a new set of plants at Furzey Gardens.

A stop at the cottage garden is a must this month as hollyhocks, foxgloves, dahlias and a vibrant collection of wildflowers create a colourful canvas to welcome visitors as you arrive. Look out for poppies, nasturtium and gerbera too. Bumblebees and honeybees are enjoying a banquet of pollen and nectar and are busy visiting the wide variety of flowers on display.

Dahlia and Poppies provide a blast of colour in the cottage garden

As you take a stroll around the gardens this month there are some interesting trees and shrubs to look out for.

The first of these is the Catalpa bignonioides which stands proudly on the top lawn just as you check-in. Also known as the Indian bean tree, this tree has large bright green leaves with clusters of white flowers with yellow and purple blotches bursting to life in July.

Then, as you head off round the gardens look out for another variety of Catalpa opposite the entrance to Typhoon Tower. Catalpa Ovalta has smaller leaves and flowers, but it boasts a beautiful soap like aroma which fills the air.

Before this though take a moment to enjoy one of our standout sights this month. As you pass the Giants Table, towering above us at about 40ft, is the Eucryphia. It was planted in the 1930’s and by the end of July is covered with big white flowers, quite a breath-taking sight. We are also sure you won’t fail to notice that it is particularly popular with our bee population as they go about their business of collecting pollen.

Capalta bignonioides and flowers of the Eucryphia

Elsewhere, our primula are still flowering and promise to inject colour to many of our borders throughout July with orange, purple and yellow tiers of flowers decorating their long stems.

Down at the lake our waterlilies are beginning to flower and look wonderful in the sunshine. You can while away many minutes watching dragonflies as they dart across the water and if you are lucky you may see some other visitors enjoying the delights this watery world has to offer.

Borders full of Candelabra primula and waterlilies basking in the sunshine

Finally as you walk back up the the tea rooms, another burst of colour will catch your eye. The gorgeous sight of Astilbe japonica against the lush green background is just perfect on any day, but when the sun shines the colour really does stand out.

Pair of ducks enjoying the lake and Astilbe japonica showing off their vibrant colour

With restrictions easing we are hoping we will soon be able to open up the tea rooms further with indoor seating becoming available. We also can’t wait to get some of our local crafts back on sale in the tea rooms, we aren’t quite there yet, but we will let you know as soon as we are able to open both of these options up to our visitors.

We look forward to seeing you. Book your visit.

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