Following the abundance of colour during May, the scene at Furzey Gardens gradually becomes more subtle as we head through June and into the summer months.

Early June still brings us bold and colourful blooms from large flowering Rhododendrons around the garden, in particular look out for old specimens which line the play area with their purples and pinks.  Gradually these spectacular displays become fewer in number as petals fall, creating beautiful carpets drawing your eyes to the ground. The delicate display of candelabra primula continues to decorate borders around the garden with tall stems containing flowers in pinks and yellows.

Rhododendron display at Furzey Gardens continues

It’s a great month to enjoy some interesting trees and shrubs. Look out for our horse chestnut trees coming into full bloom, with particular attention to the Indian variety with a very unusual white flower suffused with pinks and yellows and a Japanese variety with huge cream flowers with a pinky red spot in the middle.

Also of note is our Cornus Kousa, an old specimen which was planted in 1934 and now stands over 30ft tall putting on an incredible show of delicate white flowers later in June. Another plant of note is the Cytisus battandieri, also known as Pineapple broom, located near the giants table, the bright yellow clusters of flowers give off a potent fruity scent, reminiscent of pineapples.

Finally, don’t miss the interesting blooms from our tulip tree, Liriodendron, on the right as you walk up from the lake, the lower branches offer a great chance to take a closer look at these interesting flowers.

Elsewhere the impressive leaves of gunnera mantica (giant rhubarb) add a lush green colour to garden vista’s, whilst orchids can be found in some of our woodland glade areas and in our wildflower meadow.

Before you leave, be sure to take a look at the cottage garden which is just beginning hint at the summer display to come. Enjoy poppies, allium, ox-eye daisies and bearded iris amongst other delights.

Allium and Poppies in the cottage garden at Furzey Gardens

If you are visiting the garden this month you will also notice that elf bower is undergoing some refurbishment to replace the aging timber floor. We hope that this will be completed and open again within a couple of weeks.

So treat yourself to a visit and take a moment to relax, enjoy our beautiful woodland garden in the New Forest. Our gardens and tea rooms are open seven days a week.

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