Minstead Trust provides training and support to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

This incorporates training and support services, and social enterprises Furzey Gardens, Hanger Farm Arts Centre and Minstead Lodge conference and events venue.

We are based in Minstead in the New Forest and support people with learning disabilities across Hampshire, Wiltshire and Portsmouth.

Each part of Minstead Trust works towards our vision and mission and our values are core to who we are.

Our Vision: People with learning disabilities are able to achieve greater independence, lead fulfilled lives and live as full citizens in society.

Our Mission: To provide training and support for people with learning disabilities to enable them to develop new skills, lead fulfilled lives and achieve greater independence. We do this at a pace tailored to the individual, in an inspirational way, with a dedicated and experienced workforce who value the potential in everyone.

Our values:

  • Putting the people we support first – we act in the best interest of those who attend or live within the Trust, whatever their background, skill or disability.
  • Being inspirational – We look towards new ways of providing and delivering experiences. We enable success through encouragement and praise.
  • Achieving success – we always focus on how we can improve and raise the standard of the services and experiences we offer. We put the interest of those we work with before ourselves. We have high professional standards for ourselves and those we work with.
  • Behaving with integrity – We work without fear or favour, listening, responding appropriately, not afraid to provide support and challenge.
  • Valuing difference – We promote the principles and practise of equalities and take action to ensure all are able to engage effectively to achieve their potential
  • Working together – we work together by living and being in a community, putting our shared welfare above personal and departmental interest and supporting each other to ensure we are meeting the needs of those entrusted in our care.

The Trust has a Christian foundation and our values are based on the belief that all people deserve care and respect and that we should care for others as we would want them to care for us. We celebrate the main Christian events of Christmas and Easter.  We are not an evangelising organisation and welcome people of all faiths and none, aiming to serve whatever personal and spiritual needs people may have.

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