In 2022, Furzey Gardens is celebrated its centenary year.

It is 100 years since the gardens were first planted by the Dalrymple family as an informal woodland garden and we have had a whole year of events and activities.

Throughout the year we told the pioneering story of the gardens – from the intrepid plant hunters who filled the gardens with rare species to its more modern history as a place of support and learning for people with learning disabilities.

Browse the pages below to find out about Furzey’s fascinating history and our £500,000 Special Years Appeal target to support people with learning disabilities.

Special Years memories

One year Tim Selwood (Minstead Trust's founder) went up to Chelsea and saw the shows up there and came back and announced that he thought we should enter a show garden in the 2012 show.

I sort of took a bit of a gulp and I thought, okay he probably means one of these small gardens.

But of course being Tim, that wasn't what he was thinking of, he was thinking of the major show garden...

So many dates, so many memories, where to start!

But in thinking about them, and in particular thinking about memories at Furzey Gardens, I am remembering times spent with my Mum at Furzey. 

When I started working there, we’d visit quite often, enjoying the colour, and even as Dementia slowly took her memory, she always still delighted in pointing out plants to me.  We’d enjoy a coffee in the tea rooms, and a walk.

I found it very challenging with the coronavirus during 2020.

But I found my time at Furzey therapeutic. I like potting, pricking out and collecting and sowing the seeds.

I am feeling happier now.

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