Hunting for the tiny fairy doors hidden around the gardens is why many children love to visit Furzey Gardens time and time again.

Come and join in the fun, creep around at the base of trees and you might discover twisted in gnarled old oak or nestled under bushes, a tiny door no more than a foot high.

Furzey gives up its secrets slowly though and you will need to look hard.   There are reputed to be over 40 of these secret fairy doors, originally designed and carved by a master thatcher.

Although it is fun to leave letters and gifts for the Fairies, please encourage your children to post their letters in the Fairy Post Box and not leave items and glitter around the fairy doors, as they are not bio-degradable and could harm wildlife.

Use the special letter packs available to purchase from the tea rooms to write to the Fairy Queen – and she will write back!