Welcome to our Big Give ‘Me, not my disability’ 2022 fundraiser.

Your support can help change the lives of people like me. I am a person who loves gardening and works hard every day. I want more people to know about my gardening. It makes me happy and I get to talk to my friends. The Big Give can help people see me and what I love.

– Silas

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Your support will help people with learning disabilities

  • Get into work

    Work experience in our social enterprises and beyond

    Role models for other people with learning disabilities

  • Choose the life they want to live

    Life coaching, including access to a Life Journey Coach to help people work out what they really want from life.

    A programme of taster activities for people to try out new things to expand their life experiences.

  • Be happier and healthier

    Building relationships within new communities.

    Accessing the right tools, resources and training programmes including a wellbeing workshop programme.

    Digital content support, through funding a new website, by and for people with learning disabilities, to share their experiences and encourage others to dream and take up opportunities.

  • Change society

    Change society into a place that embraces and values people with learning disabilities

    Help shops and public space become more accessible.

    Amplify people’s voices to help them influence society.

You can help create a society where people with learning disabilities are valued and respected.

We want people with learning disabilities to be seen, heard and respected. You can help to provide them with the platform and support they deserve.

There still remain societal barriers for people with learning disabilities and things we often take for granted, are inaccessible to them. Imagine a world where your opinions aren’t heard, getting from your home to the shops is hard, and life is decided for you? For many people with learning disabilities, this is still a reality and inevitably leads to a deterioration in mental health and feelings of helplessness.

What your donation can do

£10 will be doubled to £20

Can purchase useful training equipment

Donate £10

£50 will be doubled to £100

Can fund two support sessions to help someone realise their dream

Donate £50

£100 will be doubled to £200

Can run one wellbeing session for people we support

Donate £100

£250 will be doubled to £500

Can help young people with learning disabilities through an outreach programme

Donate £250

The ‘Me, not my disability’ Big Give fundraiser will help people with learning disabilities take the central role in decisions about their own lives. There are many voices that want to be heard. They need to be heard.

You can only donate between 29 November and 6 December, when your donation will be instantly doubled.

That’s double the impact, at no extra cost to you.

Get to know some of the incredible individuals you'll be supporting. Your donation will help people just like Rachel, Tim, Richard, Silas and Louisa to enrich society with their views, personalities and passions.

'I am bubbly, I am talkative, I am polite, and I am me because why would you want to be anybody but yourself?' Rachel manages a café on her own, helping to give her greater independence.

'I am happy, I am helpful, I am an actor'. Richard wants to have more opportunities as an actor. He loves performing his own material for an audience.

'I am caring, I am helpful, I am fun'. Tim's passion is looking after animals at Minstead Lodge. He wants to be known for his care and commitment.

'I am a good baker, I am polite, I am fun'. Louisa wants to be known and respected for her catering skills. She's currently the lead baker at Lily&Lime, where she makes cakes and shows junior bakers how it's done.

'I am good, I know about gardens, I am a hard worker'. Silas helps to get beautiful plants shop ready at Furzey Gardens, putting him at the heart of the local community. He wants to be appreciated by society for his work.

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