Like most of us, the residents at Minstead Lodge care home have had to cope with many challenges and changes to everyday life over the last few months. We caught up with some of the residents and the people who support them to find out how they have been getting on.

Dominic Catton, Residential Manager is responsible for the care home at Minstead Lodge and oversees the care that is provided on a daily basis. Speaking of the recent experiences he said ‘Most of the people we support in Residential have found the changes quite challenging but they have adapted really well and stayed fairly positive throughout. Not going to the shops, social events and the pub has been difficult to adapt to as well as the change in all Day Service timetables.’

As with many of us, lockdown has given us the opportunity to learn new skills, particularly when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family. Dominic continues

‘Everyone has learnt fast about how to use Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp to speak to family face to face and this is now a regular thing that we hope to carry forward instead of phone calls.

We’ve introduced a Sunday Residential disco via Zoom which has been very popular and turned into a great way for the people we support to keep in touch with other supported living homes and share stories of what they have been up to.

‘Whilst isolating with family John played a lot of table tennis which he has really enjoyed and become quite good at! And Florrie has enjoyed baking some brownies which I can personally vouch for being delicious. She does not often venture into the baking scene so this is a new skill for her.’

As lockdown continues to relax and things begin to open up, there is still a need to keep the residents of Minstead Lodge safe and away from possible contact with the virus. We are finding ways to get out and recently a trip to riverside crabbing happened, everyone really enjoyed it and they caught loads of crabs and generally had a great day.

Learning painting skills with New Forest Day Opportunities

During lockdown New Forest Day Opportunies have been redecorating many of the spaces within day services to make. We have had to clear and declutter to make sure everything is safe for people to return. The residents of Minstead Lodge have been helping the staff team to get everything ready for reopening. Vicky Nixon, Day Opportunities Manager, tells us how they have been getting on.

‘We have seen the people we support, flourish and grow in many different areas. But I want to draw attending to some the amazing painting skills and how everyone has shown progression in the art of decorating.

‘People have learnt how to complete, crisp, clean edges, even coats, and well-adhered layers of paint. Showing strength and ergonomic skills to move equipment safely and efficiently. Everyone had become familiar with different paints varieties, not just by colour, but also by texture, lustre, viscosity, drying time, and many other factors. Then there are primers, varnishes, sealers, and finishes. We have used them all over the past few months and the service is looking amazing. Well done everyone maybe we need to look at having a decorating sessions.’

Residents Jason and Rory told us what they have learnt and you can see they have enjoyed learning these new skills.

Jason says ‘I learnt not to go near the electrics, I loved it, I want to be a painter one day my dream.’

Rory says ‘You go up and down, you wipe the brush so it won’t drip, it made me feel good.’


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