Minstead Trust changes the lives of people with learning disabilities.

We care passionately about every person we support and work with them to identify goals that they would like to achieve.

Then we help them to achieve a range of carefully monitored outcomes, that lead them to live happier and more independent lives.

Our 2022-23 annual report

Our impact

Hear about the impact we have had on some of the people we support

Laura lives at our residential care home. She previously communicated through hand gestures only, with very rare and limited verbal communication.

Laura found it frustrating when she couldn’t let people know what she wanted to do or how she was feeling. Staff encouraged Laura as she began to verbalise where she would like to shop and have lunch.

Laura was asked if she was happier now and she replied ‘yes’

I have had a couple of work placements at cafés, including at Furzey Gardens, but I struggled to get to work on time.

I have now begun a work placement at the Southampton Wood Recycling Project. I have to be there for 8.30am and this is early for me.

I agreed with my keyworker that if they prompt me to get up early and set my alarm, I will get up.

I have made it on time to work every day so far, I really enjoy it.

David has not always had a healthy diet and wanted to try and improve the amount of healthy food he eats.

He worked with his support worker to go through his shopping list and look at healthier options,

This included learning how to cook a wider range of healthier meals.

David is now able to choose more healthy meals and is able to make some meals from scratch.

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