You can learn lots of new skills, meet other people and have some fun at both our New Forest and Portsmouth Day Opportunities.

New Forest Day Opportunities

We are based in the beautiful and peaceful grounds of Minstead Lodge.

It is a perfect place for you to feel safe and confident.

We are open from 9.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Work based skills help you with work expectations and workplace skills.

 Wood workshop   Grounds maintenance   Furzey Gardens and plant nursery

We also offer a number of work experience opportunities.

Life Skills provide important everyday skills

 ICT   Travel Training

Health and Wellbeing activities help you develop hobbies and a healthy lifestyle

 Art  Ceramics   Yoga   Dance   Drama

Contact [email protected]  to arrange a visit or find out more about our New Forest Day Opportunities.


Portsmouth Day Opportunities

Our Portsmouth Day Opportunities are based at Warren Avenue in Portsmouth. 

Find out all about what we offer by downloading our leaflet.

We are open from 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday.

The building here is only used as a base, as we access community resources as much as possible. All of the activities are aimed at improving health and independence.

 swimming   bike-a-bility   sing-a-cise

We run a lunch club and also have sessions for

  • Menu planning, shopping and cooking (pizzas, soup, smoothies)
  • Healthy eating advice.
  • Art and Craft
  • Gardening and planting shrubs and flowers

Find out more about our service by reading Kevan's story.

This is what our service users say about us:

"It's nice, all the people are nice and I like the staff."

"Its good, I enjoy my days its always exciting, I'd like to do more cooking."

"I like going to the bikes and getting out and about, the staff are great!"

Contact [email protected] to arrange a visit or find out more about our Portsmouth Day Opportunities.

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