Since 2018, Hanger Farm Arts Centre has been run by local charity Minstead Trust

The Trust supports more than 200 people with learning disabilities throughout Hampshire to build skills that help them find employment and live more independent and fulfilled lives.

This is achieved through day opportunities services, supported living properties and social enterprises.

Hanger Farm Arts Centre is one of these social enterprises, along with Furzey Gardens in Minstead and Minstead Lodge conference and events venue.

The social enterprises bring much-needed income into the charity but also provide crucial training opportunities for people with learning disabilities. At the Arts Centre we support people to work in the café and run community theatre groups for people with learning disabilities.

The relationship with Minstead Trust allows accessible arts to be showcased alongside mainstream entertainment at affordable prices, whilst bringing people of all abilities together in a shared love of the arts.

For more information on the management of Hanger Farm Arts Centre, please contact Minstead Trust directly or phone on 023 8081 2297.

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