Hanger Farm Arts Centre is a beautiful, bustling location for your next exhibition.

We have two spaces for exhibitions: the gallery room and the foyer space.

Both spaces are charming, beamed rooms within our characterful 18th century barn and are open throughout the week, including the evenings when shows are scheduled.

We are always delighted to hear from artists and groups looking to hold an exhibition.

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Booking an exhibition

  • How to book

    If you would like to exhibit, you should send us your contact details with examples of work and/or an exhibition proposal in the first instance. We will only offer an exhibition subject to a submission of work and/or proposal and reserve the right to hold an exhibition on this basis.

    An exhibition will be offered and then confirmed once our conditions have been agreed by the artist and/or group.

    We will keep all submissions on file, so that if we are not able to offer an exhibition in the first instance, then you may be approached at a later date. The Arts Centre is increasingly becoming known by artists and the general public and therefore demand for exhibitions has grown considerably. So please bear in mind we may not be able to offer you an exhibition due to this demand.

  • Terms and conditions

    When offering an exhibition we would like you to be able to visit the Centre prior to the agreed exhibition set up date, to discuss the following and to familiarise yourself with the space. This will help plan the set up day of the exhibition. The building is listed and fully beamed, so does have limitations and unique challenges. It is also a beautiful and unique space to exhibit and a visit can ensure that you are able to plan to get the best from the space and your exhibition.

    Exhibitions are hung by the artist(s) and centre staff, in negotiation with the Centre Manager and the artist(s). Set up times are to be discussed and arranged with the Centre Manager. We can take the work down without the artist/s present if necessary. We can fix work to the beams via standard clamps. So we  require all work to have string or wire backing. You should supply labels with the title and price and an information sheet about your work and the exhibition and a complete list of all work submitted with prices. We do not use display boards for exhibitions. These are for temporary displays for college and/or business use only. You can leave a comments book and cards for the duration of the exhibition. We will put out a table for this.

    We will publicise all exhibitions in our ‘What’s on’ listings and we may produce a limited number of flyers and posters for display at Hanger Farm Arts Centre and Totton & Eling Civic Offices and Library. For this we will require short text about the work you will be exhibiting and at least one image that will be in the exhibition. We also send regular press releases to local and regional media. It is also a good idea to write your own press release, and may be more exclusive and from your point of view.

    If you decide you would like an artist reception then this must be discussed prior to the event and any costs negotiated by the artist and Arts Centre. We also expect the artist to make arrangement for inviting people to the reception. We do not write or send invitations for artist reception. If you are unable to do so, then we may be able to offer this at cost price, mailing, printing, etc, depending on our workload.

    There is a 20% commission on all work sold. We take all sales initially and at the end of the exhibition, we will make a bank transfer for the total amount sold minus commission. Sold work is reserved until after the last day of the exhibition. All work exhibited is to be made available for sale at the Centre while on exhibition at the Centre, eg, not sold privately during the exhibition dates or offering sales on the internet of any work included in the exhibition.

    We reserve the right to use the gallery room for workshops and meetings.

    If you are in agreement with the conditions for an exhibition, we will send you a confirmation letter – to be signed as a contract between you the artist and the Arts Centre. This will be to agree the dates, including set up and take down of the exhibition, reception details and any special requirements.

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