If you want to make provisions for your family and friends, making a Will is a way of doing this.  After you've taken care of those closest to you, you may want to ensure that the charities you support can also benefit, by leaving a gift in your Will.

Choosing to leave a gift in your Will to Minstead Trust will help us to continue our work supporting and training people with learning disabiltities.  Your legacy can help people like Simon, or Martin, or any of our students, now and in the future so that they can live more independent lives. 

You might choose to create a new Will, or make amendments (codicil) to an existing Will.  Either way, you should tell the professional advisor that you are using if you wish to leave a gift to charity, and give them the relevant information; the Charity name, address and charity number. 

Minstead Trust is part of Remember a Charity, and so for more information about leaving a gift in your Will, please click here : Leave a gift in your Will