50|50 Charity Collaboration

Have you heard about the 50/50 art collabortion?

Here’s the low-down from our Fundraising Co-ordinator, Lesley Brooks on what it’s all about and how you can get involved.

‘So what’s all this about art and 50/50 ?

It’s about art

It’s about charity

It’s about getting involved

It’s about collaboration

Minstead Trust along with 5 other local charities, are all getting involved and we’re looking for anyone that wants to get arty and creative to produce a poster that can be auctioned on the 50/50 website, to raise money for charity. The idea was sparked by Pam Bates of Silk Bow Events, it was something she had tried before and it had worked with great success raising money for a Hampshire hospice.  The collaboration of charities came together from a local networking group, to share ideas and thoughts and generally give support to each other in these difficult times. Posters created for Minstead Trust, will be raising money for Minstead Trust.

So back to the Art.

What is the theme ?

The theme of the posters is “what does charity mean to you?” – for me it is, every donation makes a difference, every volunteer adds value, and as we have seen in 2020, without charity where would the world be? There are people all around the world whose lives are made better, easier, less challenging, more equal, happier because of charity, because of the work that charities do and the support that they and their volunteers give.  People need people, and sometimes they need charity, to get them to a better place, and often, that leads to them being able to help themselves and help others.  It is not just about money, it is about what the money can do and the acts of kindness that radiate good.

So how would you express charity in a poster ? It could be smiles on children’s faces, it could be an old person chatting with a young person, it could be trees and sunlight and rainbows.

If you’d like to share your thoughts in a creative way on what Charity means to you, please have a go.  There are no rules (only please ensure posters are PG rated!)  This is open to adults and children, and in fact this is a great way to ignite a conversation with children about charity.

There is a dedicated website, www.fifty-fifty.uk where you can view the photos of each piece of art. You can bid on any piece and all monies from each winning bid will go to the artists chosen charity.  So you will be raising money for Minstead Trust, as winning bidders for your poster will be donating their bid to Minstead Trust. The auction will start from 10th March 2021.

For a step by step of what you need to do to be involved read down.

  • Email fundraising@minsteadtrust.org.uk to let us know you want to take part
  • Create your A3 (adults) or A4 (children) poster in any medium you choose (pen, ink, charcoal, decoupage, photo, digital imagery – anything!)
  • Send a photo of it (Jpeg) to fundraising@minsteadtrust.org.uk by the 28th Feb
  • Include a short bio (25 words) about you along with your title of your poster, your name and contact information
  • SHARE with friends and family to let them know you’ve taken part! They may want to bid on your art.
  • Be able to post your poster out to the winning bidder (agreeing postage costs between you)

Good luck and get happy getting creative.’

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