Since August our community theatre group has been working hard to create a performance to showcase the effect that the Covid pandemic and lockdown has had on them.

The performance then took place in front of their friends and family at the end of last year at Hanger Farm Arts Centre in Totton.

The class, led by Drama Facilitator Jo Griffiths, split into two groups and each group curated their own performance which shared their personal experiences of the pandemic. This included a performance on the feeling of being isolated and lonely, as many of the people we support are considered vulnerable and therefore had to shield for long periods of time.

Other themes that were shown were social distancing, keeping healthy and doing exercise. The groups devised different methods to showcase these themes, such as through dance, poetry and through music.

Throughout the performances, the groups weaved in happier themes such as people coming together and the small freedoms many of us take for granted such as seeing friends and family and being able to visit a restaurant.

Speaking to Silas, one of the performers, after the show he said, ‘I liked showing how people struggled with lockdown.’

Watch our video to see some of the highlights from the show.

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