LDN Wrestling

When: 13 Apr 2022

Produced By: LDN

The Superstars of LDN Wrestling are returning to Hanger Farm!

Expect to see edge of your seat, death defying moves as the stars of Wrestling take part in action packed matches for the whole family to enjoy!

Matchmakers have promised that the Main Event of the evening will be for the LDN Championship and will also include solo, Tag Team matches bouts and much more.

The Earth will shake and shatter, when World’s Collide this year…

As the LDN Wrestlers take to the ring, for an epic-encounter!!!

The venue will crumble, as the Wrestling Superstars get ready to rumble…

Cheer the GOODIES, boo the BADDIES, and get your tickets today…

For the family-bonding experience of the year!!

A sell-out crowd is expected, BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment..

So what are you waiting for… Do we have to twist your arm??? 


13th Apr 2022, 19:00 pm

Ticket Prices:

Full: £15.00

Concession: £12.00

Family: £45.00

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