Blake works in our Lily & Lime café in Portsmouth central library.

Here he tells us about his Covid-19 lockdown experience and how slowly getting back out into his community has helped his mental health.

‘It was difficult with the lockdowns as I had only just left school. My mental health went really downhill as I couldn’t tell the days apart, felt bored, nothing to do. I felt I had no purpose to my life.

‘When everything started to open up again I was worried about going out, it took a while to feel comfortable going out again.

‘Since lockdowns have ended I have been able to go out more to restaurants and cinemas. I feel happy about getting out and about, getting fresh air, having different experiences.

‘I like working at Lily & Lime as it is hands on, it suits me more than being on a computer. I’ve learnt quite a bit in my job – how to do the different types of drink and work with customers.

‘It makes me feel proud to have a job and see other people – it is really good for my mental health.

‘I would love to go on holiday if I could, but I can’t afford it. I feel like having that break and relaxing would be really good for me.

‘Getting out and about in my community is really important to me.’

If you would like to help people like Blake to rebuild their confidence to get out of the house and into their community with friends please donate to the Big Give campaign from 30 November to 7 December 2021. Your donation is instantly doubled during this window – meaning you can have double the impact for people with learning disabilities. 

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