It has been a seismic 18 months for all of us as we learnt to cope with the Covid pandemic. For people with learning disabilities the worry, stress and change to their routine has been enormously difficult, often leaving them lonely and confused.

Many people with learning disabilities now lack the additional support or funding to thrive again out in their communities with friends.

We caught up with Phil, Silas, Ed and David – people we support in the New Forest – to ask them what they have missed during the pandemic and how it has affected them.

  1. During the pandemic, what did you miss doing?

Phil: ‘Going home to see my parents and the summer fete at Minstead Lodge’

Silas: ‘I missed seeing my friends and coming to Minstead Trust as I like to be busy’

Ed: ‘New Forest Show. I set up stalls and help on them’

David: ‘Minstead Trust and textile class’


  1. What have you enjoyed being able to get back to?

Phil: ‘Drama class at Hanger Farm and doing my food shop at Asda’

Silas: ‘Different timetables and having more freedom and options’

Ed: ‘Not being in [Covid] bubbles and seeing friends’

David: ‘Seeing friends as I was at home with my parents.’


  1. Is there anything you have not been able to get back to doing?

Phil: ‘Slimming world in Totton and skittles.’

Silas: ‘I would like culture days again, go on holidays and to go to museums and eat together in the dining room. I want to go back to improving my literacy and numeracy skills with lessons’

Ed: ‘Football to see Saints. I need help getting to the bus.’

David: ‘Continue ambassador training for Minstead Trust.’

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