Louisa wants to be known and respected for her catering skills. She’s currently the lead baker at Lily&Lime, where she makes cakes and shows junior bakers how it’s done.

She first joined Lily&Lime, a café in Portsmouth run by Minstead Trust, in 2016, where she’s made lifelong friends and developed crucial work skills to enable her to live an independent life.

She now works as their lead baker at the café, which is known for its delicious baked goods, and teaches new bakers how to produce cakes as popular and tasty as hers.

‘I am a good baker, I am polite, I am fun. I think baking is fun and it’s my dream to be known for my baking. I love being myself and I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.’

Louisa and people like her want to be more of a focal part of society, which is why her and others are spearheading #MeNotMyDisability, a fundraising campaign helping people with learning disabilities to be seen, heard and respected as valuable individuals to society.

You can see Louisa baking her signature Victoria sponge cake by watching the video below.

Read more stories and find out how you can support people like Rachel on our Big Give 2022: Me, not my disability page: www.minsteadtrust.org.uk/big-give 

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