Silas helps to get beautiful plants shop ready at Furzey Gardens, putting him at the heart of the local community. He wants to be appreciated by society for his work.

He has long been an integral part of Furzey Gardens, where he helps to get the beautiful plants ready to sell.

He’s known for being a hard worker and enjoys the time he spends in the tranquil garden with his fellow gardeners.

‘I am good, I know about gardens, I am a hard worker. I am a person who loves gardening and works hard every day. I want more people to know about my gardening. It makes me happy and I get to talk to my friends. The Big Give can help people see me and what I love.’

Silas and people like him want the platform that they deserve, which is why him and others are spearheading #MeNotMyDisability, a fundraising campaign helping people with learning disabilities to be seen, heard and respected as valuable individuals to society.

You can see Silas in action by watching the video below.

Read more stories and find out how you can support people like Silas on our Big Give 2022: Me, not my disability page: 

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