Richard wants to have more opportunities as an actor. He loves performing his own material for an audience.

Richard is part of a local theatre group, where he writes his own material, ready to perform in front of an audience.

Currently he is writing a piece about his own life, in which he talks about his life experiences, struggles and overcoming obstacles.

‘I am happy, I am helpful, I am an actor. I love acting. I really enjoy putting on a show for an audience, and for them to clap. My dream is to always be happy and to be seen by lots of people.’

Richard and others like him deserve more of a spotlight, which is why him and others are spearheading #MeNotMyDisability, helping people with learning disabilities to be seen, heard and respected as valuable individuals to society.

You can see Richard in one of his theatre group workshops by watching the video below.

Read more stories and find out how you can support people like Richard on our Big Give 2022: Me, not my disability page: 

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