Tim’s passion is looking after animals at Minstead Lodge. He wants to be known for his care and commitment.

His enthusiasm and dedication to the animals at Minstead Lodge makes him a valuable member of the team. His duties involve brushing, feeding and cleaning the farm animals, basically making sure that they’re cared for.

The animals at Minstead Lodge have long been a key part of wellbeing support for people with learning disabilities, and people like Tim are instrumental in making sure they’re able to continue to do so.

‘I am caring, I am helpful, I am fun’

Without caring people like Tim, the little pygmy goats, geese, horses and donkeys wouldn’t receive the level of care they need.

Tim wants to be recognised by society, which is why him and others are spearheading #MeNotMyDisability, a fundraising campaign helping people with learning disabilities to be seen, heard and respected as valuable individuals to society.

You can see Tim looking after the adorable pygmy goats at Minstead Lodge by watching the video below.

Read more stories and find out how you can support people like Tim on our Big Give 2022: Me, not my disability page: www.minsteadtrust.org.uk/big-give 

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