David attends New Forest Day Opportunities once a week, enjoying his time in woodwork greatly.

He tells us how much he loves coming to Minstead Trust and how much he appreciates his time here.

David is very independent in his day-to-day life, living in his own flat, travelling to see his girlfriend on the bus, and doing his laundry on Fridays.

But life hasn’t always been so happy for David.

Before he came to Minstead Trust, David was finding it difficult to live alone, as he had no funded hours of support to live at in his own home. This led to difficulty keeping his flat clean and eating healthy meals.

Support staff at Minstead Trust could see how David was struggling and helped him to get the support he needed.

Now David has a supportive team around him, with cleaners popping in on Mondays, a new support worker and people to help him understand the importance of eating well and healthy.

David is very happy to live on his own, leading a very busy life volunteering, attending day opportunities and seeing his girlfriend.

Getting support in his home from Minstead Trust was the catalyst for change for David. Where before he was having a tough time, now he is thriving.

Your funds could help us support more people like David to live a life where he is in charge of his decisions, with the right support.

Support people like David to live their life in the way they choose by donating to the Big Give 2023 from 28 November.

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