People with learning disabilities want to follow their passions and live their life to the maximum.

But often they don’t have the right support to help them to live independently.

Thank you for donating and helping us to raise an amazing £48,164 in support of our My Life, My Way appeal. You’ve helped people who are least supported in society to live their lives to the full, and how they choose.

Daniel’s story of overcoming challenges and thriving through work.

Your support will help people with learning disabilities

  • Have a space to be heard

    Attend Listening Ear groups in the wider community to gain more support.

    To have a space to deal with topics like anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, bereavement, harmful behaviours and healthy eating.

    Help people to cope with emotional issues and thrive.

  • Choose the life they want to live

    Help people recognise how they want to live their lives, with their passions and aspirations.

    Life coaching, including access to a Life Journey Coach to help people work out what they really want from life.

    Build aspirations and grab all life’s opportunities.




  • Be happier and healthier

    Building healthy and happy relationships with new friends and communities.

    Accessing the right tools, resources and training programmes including a wellbeing workshop programme.

    Making decisions that are well informed and build towards a happier future.

  • Change society

    Change society into a place that embraces and values people with learning disabilities.

    Recognising that people with learning disabilities want to, and can, work.

    Help shops and public spaces become more accessible.

    Amplify people’s voices to help them influence society.

You can help create a society where people with learning disabilities can live their lives to the full, however they choose. 

People with learning disabilities are some of those least supported in society. Many people with learning disabilities struggle to realise the possibilities that are open to them in life.

They don’t realise what they can aspire to and achieve.

You can change this by helping us provide support that helps people to recognise want they want from life.


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Your donation will help people just like Daniel, Silas and David to enrich society with their views, personalities and passions.

Daniel used to really struggle with confidence and self esteem at college.

Since joining the team at Lily&Lime he has learnt many new skills and how to overcome his challenges.

Daniel is now thriving. He regularly goes out with his friends, and his confidence extends past Lily&Lime.

Silas is a source of joy and happiness to those in New Forest Day opportunities, showing all his love of Harry Potter.

Silas recently lost his mum, which affected him deeply as they were close.

Working with Bea through our wellbeing programme, Silas has learnt how to express and cope with his grief.

Find out more about his story and how your support could help more people like him.

David lives independently in his own flat, but struggled to keep it clean and eat healthy meals.
Since starting at Minstead Trust David has had the support networks put in place so that he can thrive.

Learn more about how David lives his life, his way.

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