Silas has been coming to Minstead Trust since 2017, attending New Forest Day Opportunities four days a week.

His favourite workshop is weaving, as he explains his grandfather used to be a weaver.

Silas loves Harry Potter, one of his early childhood memories is going to see The Philosopher’s Stone in the cinema when he was seven and being scared by the troll!

Silas remembers a happy childhood, attending school in Dibden Purlieu and going camping with his mum and dad in Scotland.

Unfortunately, about two years ago, Silas lost his mum.

This affected Silas deeply, as they were very close.

Silas is always smiling, but when he talks about his mum, the smiles can stop.

He says that he still feels sad, and some days are good, some are bad. On the sad days he looks at pictures of his mum and listens to music that makes him feel closer to her.

Silas has been working with Bea, our wellbeing coordinator to try and make things easier for him. He goes on lots of walks where he is given the space to express his grief, and how he is feeling. Silas also has a photo collage which he carries most days, as a reminder of his mum.

Our wellbeing programme has not only helped him come to terms with his loss, but also recognise other areas of his life where he needed support. Talking to people, making friends and time management are all subjects that Silas was eager to get help with.

Through coming to Minstead Trust, Silas has recognised his aspirations – he wants to be an actor and would like to meet someone with whom he could be in a relationship.

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