New Forest Day Opportunities is based in the beautiful and peaceful grounds of Minstead Lodge, in the village of Minstead.

We are surrounded by the New Forest and we enjoy being close to nature and following the seasons of the year.

Our activities at New Forest Day Opportunities vary greatly and all aim to help you learn new skills, make new friends and live happier and healthier lives.

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Our activities at New Forest Day Opportunities vary greatly.

  • We garden and farm fruit and vegetables.
  • In our craft workshops we work with a range of materials from wood, paper, paint, wool fleece, fabric, cane to clay.
  • We also work with food processing making jams and chutneys.
  • There is also the care of our environment around us, a beautiful estate where we rake the leaves and cut the grass and care for the gardens.
  • In our animal care sessions we look after our donkeys, goats and geese.
  • We care and maintain the 100 year old gardens at Furzey Gardens and we propagate and grow beautiful plants for sale at Furzey Nursery.
  • There is also the care of ourselves, yoga and meditation and wellbeing sessions, and supported cycle rides and walks in the forest.
  • There are also opportunities for self-expression thorough community drama and expressive free dance.

All these activities and areas of work share the same level of importance, they are real and meaningful and they all support us to increase our confidence and live happy and healthy lives where we feel we are contributing to society.

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