Over half of people with a learning disability have a mental health problem.

These mental health issues are often driven by factors such as isolation or discrimination, which disproportionally affect people with learning disabilities.

This is a hidden epidemic of trauma affecting some of the most vulnerable people in society.

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Strong mental health is often closely linked to someone having a happy, purposeful life that is shared with others.

Your support can ensure our life coaching and crisis support continues to help people with learning disabilities to tackle mental health issues and build healthy minds.

Skilled support workers will be there to give people emotional support at their lowest ebb, but also to help them plot a route to a happy life where they strive to achieve their dreams.

We help people identify what relationships they want to build, hobbies they want to pursue or job they would like to land.

With your help we can be with people every step of the way to help people ensure that their healthy mind leads to a happy life.

You can donate here from 14 to 28 May to have your donation doubled.

Reeling from the loss of a close family member, Doreen was feeling anxious and depressed.

Since working with our wellbeing lead Bea, and supported by her team in Poole, Doreen is feeling better every day.

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Kerry has been through trauma and hardship in her life, leading to struggles with anxiety and depression.

Although reluctant to accept help, Kerry’s work with our wellbeing lead Bea has greatly improved her quality of life.

Read an interview with Kerry to read about her coping strategies and hopes for the future.

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Rachel lives in supported living independently, but was struggling with her anxiety and wellbeing.

Since working with Minstead Trust and Bea, the wellbeing leader, Rachel has made big lifestyle changes and is on track to living a life she loves.

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