Minstead Trust offer a whole host of work and training programmes for people with learning disabilities, autism and other additional needs.

Our employability programmes offer work and training opportunities for people with learning disabilities. The prospectus details how people can dip their toe into the world of work through supported work experience to identify areas they are interested in working within.

Our list of work programmes include:

  • Step Up For Work
  • Supported apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Supported work experience

Download the prospectus, find out more about the programmes on offer and see how you or someone you know can get involved.

Are you a business interested in hiring someone with a learning disability? Find out more about the employability support we can offer you.

Download our prospectus

Five steps to your first job

Step 1) Contact the employment team at enrolment@minsteadtrust.org.uk

Step 2) One of our employability team will contact you and organise a meeting

Step 3) Visit one of our Minstead Trust locations across Portsmouth / Bursledon / New Forest, and discuss with the team which programme is for you

Step 4) A trial day is organised (Along with any relevant entry requirements)

Step 5) Your first day!

The employability programmes we offer

  • Step Up For Work

    What is it?

    Step Up For Work is a combination of classroom learning and in-work mentoring.

    The programme begins with a training course, covering all key aspects of employment such as health and safety, personal conduct, policies and procedures.

    People on the programme will then work with the employability team to find the best six month work experience opportunity for them, within our employer network. During
    this six months, we offer bespoke support by our employability mentors, who will help with developing a living CV through observations and a diary system.

    After the six month work experience, people on the programme then work with their personal employability mentor to secure paid employment.

    Download our prospectus to find out more.

  • Supported apprenticeships

    What is it?

    Our supported apprenticeships take on a blended learning approach, with in-person and virtual learning.

    In this paid role our apprentices will learn a combination of customer service and functional skills in both English and Maths over a period of 12 to 18 months.

    Our partners at Smart Training will allocate work, and our employability team will be there to provide added value support, ensuring all our apprentices have a quality and
    supported experience.

    Work is documented on an E-Portfolio and then decisions are made with End Point Assessments.

    Download our prospectus to find out more.

  • Supported work experience

    What is it?

    Our supported work experience programme will provide exciting and challenging opportunities to those who want to find out more about the world of work.

    People on the programme will have the choice to complete the programme with Minstead Trust or with one of our many business partners, helping them prepare for employment or an apprenticeship.

    This programme is an excellent choice for those looking to understand the work environment and choose a career path that suits them.

    Download our prospectus to find out more.

We’re so proud of the many people we’ve already supported through our employability programmes, including Rachel who now feels a lot more confident and realises how much she can actually do. Rachel started as one of our trainees and now helps to manage a café. She’s made some great friends and has learnt a lot of new skills.

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